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Blues Lotto results 06/09/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 7th Sept E Mayer Kirkby Thore 25
Sun 8th Mr A Izatt Whitehaven 22902
Mon 9th Miss D Brown Carlisle 23193
Tues 10th Mr A Horne Carlisle 707
Wed 11th Raymond Tinnion Hayton 22101
Thurs 12th Mr G Hook Bolton Low Houses 23821
Fri 13th Lisa Comber Carlisle 1110

£10.00 Prizes

Mr G Hook Bolton Low Houses 23821
Ruth Warnock Carlisle 3248
Mrs D Irving Longtown 22937
Mr M Shepherd Carlisle 1773
James M Cant Carlisle 1413

£5.00 Prizes

J Hampson Gretna 3000
James Capstick Kirkby Stephen 3321
Mr R Rome Carlisle 23886
David Dent St Annes 22666
Miss A Dermott Longbyre 23074
Mrs M Byers Houghton 3282
J Hay Carlisle 4868
Mrs J Hodgson Carlisle 1245
Mr D Farrell Longtown 23235
Monica Hanley Abbeytown 5353


P8812 Not won. Next weeks prize £1575