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Blues Lotto results 15/11/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 16th Nov Anthony Brear Whitehaven 50
Sun 17th Mrs R Entwhistle Silloth 23550
Mon 18th Mr J Gavican Carlisle 23446
Tues 19th Miss A Moscrop Carlisle 22936
Wed 20th J Wright Brampton 2274
Thurs 21st R Groves Silloth 1603
Fri 22nd Mr A McKeen Brampton 5522

£10.00 Prizes

Mr C Main Carlisle 23278
Angela Nugent Carlisle 2130
Mr D Brammer Carlisle 22933
Mr G Johnstone Carlisle 23601
Kyle Macrae Appleby 22004

£5.00 Prizes

John Nicholson Maryport 3273
Mrs A Maughan Penrith 1791
Paul Graham Wigton 4989
Simon Tunstall Dalton in Furness 23268
Albert Barlow Carlisle 1081
Jennifer Walker Carlisle 2892
Mr R Muse Longtown 22952
F & L Johnston Little Corby 3174
Dennis English Carlisle 224
Robert Blackett Carlisle 5686


L4474 Not won . Next weeks prize £350