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Blues Lotto results 10/05/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 11th May Mr D McDonald Carlisle 22946
Sun 12th T Turnbull Carlisle 3345
Mon 13th Mr Murdoch Carlisle 22390
Tues 14th Kelly Mennim Northampton 1040
Wed 15th Mrs K Borthwick Langholm 23659
Thurs 16th Mr T Mason Staveley 22832
Fri 17th Derek Martin Carlisle 5074

£10.00 Prizes

Tony Burns Wigton 5593
Mr J McVittie Carlisle 2235
Mrs Buck Botcherby 23979
C Hughes Wigton 2105
James Winter Longtown 23305

£5.00 Prizes

K Yeomans Thursby 2455
Mr D Lloyd Wigton 5604
Mrs G O’Doherty Carlisle 3357
Mr Templeton Carlisle 1037
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 23334
Mrs B Farish Silloth 22729
Angela Tinning Carlisle 1910
Tom Benson Carlisle 2597
Amanda Carol Longtown 1366
Mrs D Asbridge Carlisle 1285


V8446 Not won. Next weeks prize £1225