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Blues Lotto results 07/06/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 8th June Mr Chris Winspear Low Hesket 3354
Sun 9th June Raymond Dent Carlisle 22725
Mon 10th June Mrs J Wilcock Carlisle 787
Tue 11th June Mrs M Maughan Wigton 23417
Wed 12th June T.B. Huck Appleby 22194
Thurs 13th June Mrs Lesley Purdham Carlisle 2784
Fri 14th June Mr A Clues Halton Lea Gate 22929

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs E Birrell Longtown 809
Mr John Lucock Carlisle 22215
Mr J Cadwell Whitehaven 2138
Mrs K Farrer Carlisle 23019
Brendan Rogers Carlisle 22695

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs Snowden Carlisle 1628
Mr A McSephney Carlisle 2001
F Howe Carlisle 1586
Mr John Bates Carlisle 929
Richard Martin Carlisle 22795
John Little Wigton 4991
R Wilson Carlisle 1337
James Gibson Carlisle 5190
S Barnes Carlisle 1656
Helen Haley Carlisle 1820


G1304 Not won, Next weeks prize £1325