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Blues Lotto results 11/01/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 12th Jan Mr W Creighton Carlisle 4286
Sun 13th Mrs Mattinson Cleator 22123
Mon 14th Helen Magee-Brown Kent 2040
Tues 15th Miss A Wass Tebay 23820
Wed 16th Mr C Kerr Silloth 23081
Thurs 17th David English Cargo 1390
Fri 18th Mrs M Harkins Houghton 23510

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs J Lee Cleator 3010
Mr K Lightfoot Aspatria 22894
N Raine Carlisle 1211
Alan Williams Carlisle 2015
Audrey Sheppard Lockerbie 2972

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs C Byers Longtown 663
Mrs M Wylie Longtown 23084
W Fearon Silloth 1612
Mrs D Dyson Wigton 23079
Paul Fleet Keswick 1450
A R Edmondson Penrith 22500
Mr D T Gibson Carlisle 44
Mr B Graham Cotehill 22171
John Ritson Harker 1726
Mr C Baker Silloth 23087


P5847 Not won Next weeks prize £800