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Blues Lotto results 04/01/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 5th Jan M Rigg Carlisle 693
Sun 6th Steve Appleton Carlisle 5388
Mon 7th Alex Anderson Carlisle 1385
Tues 8th Mr R Collins Brampton 5472
Wed 9th Mr R Pagin Carlisle 22495
Thurs 10th Mrs H Porter Langwathby 23703
Fri 11th John Salkeld 23940

£10.00 Prizes

Mr Hayton Carlisle 2134
Mr McDermott Carlisle 3083
Mr A Chandler Carlisle 2559
Ann Ritchie Gretna 23873
Mrs Lowry Carlisle 4293

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs L Vevers Gretna 1882
Mr N Keogh Carlisle 23039
Mrs E Docker Carlisle 2950
Mr T Ruddick Carlisle 4717
Valerie Spirit Gretna 23877
Susan McMillan Gretna 1888
Mrs E Huddart Harrington 99
Louise Fawcett Carlisle 22237
Paul Mcgregor Carlisle 2446
Mrs L Weir Whitehaven 2688


F9281 Not won. Next weeks prize £775