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Blues Lotto results 01/02/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 2nd Feb Mrs B Radcliffe Brampton 5806
Sun 3rd Miss S Bell Carlisle 22386
Mon 4th Mrs H Little Carlisle 23581
Tues 5th John Rogers Penrith 493
Wed 6th Mr E MacFadzean Caldebeck 23781
Thurs 7th Mr R Bamber Carlisle 23149
Fri 8th John Salkeld Carlisle 23940

£10.00 Prizes

J G Lansdowne Carlisle 22600
Mrs J Whittall Carlisle 478
Garry Hunter Carlisle 1190
Ann Landreth Carlisle 2859
Mr P Ruddick Carlisle 23482

£5.00 Prizes

Mr J Cadwell Whitehaven 2138
Mrs D Wildgoose Carlisle 5723
Neil Harris Carlisle 993
Mr I Mounsey Silloth 23065
David Johnstone Carlisle 1335
Mrs V Purvis Wigton 2470
Chris Campbell Appleby 1130
Veetch Carlisle 1149
Mike Ewins Birmingham 22284
Mrs M Nicholson Ecclefechan 1067


L2296 Not won. Next weeks prize £875