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Blues Lotto results 09/08/2013

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 10th Aug Mr J Graham Carlisle 4864
Sun 11th Mr M Turner Brampton 16660
Mon 12th John Welton Carlisle 22945
Tues 13th John Frankland Carlisle 22133
Wed 14th Mrs M McKeating Brampton 23632
Thurs 15th Mrs M Nicholson Carlisle 22890
Fri 16th I Allan Flimby 4148

£10.00 Prizes

Jill Heslop Carlisle 3107
Mrs H Clements Eastriggs 1495
Mr W Hiddleston Whitehaven 3048
Thomas Milner Carlisle 4574
Lynn Cain-Smith Wigton 4966

£5.00 Prizes

Gordon Thompson Carlisle 23767
Mr C Main Carlisle 23278
Mrs A Farren Carlisle 22245
Mrs M Nicholson Carlisle 22890
Mr Poyntz Wright Penrith 3441
William Little Carlisle 5059
Mr T Donald Carlisle 1865
Mrs D Boyd Whitehaven 517
Paul Jefferson Carlisle 22810
Mrs J Hewer Carlisle 5178


U9214 Not Won. Next weeks Prize £1500