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Blues Lotto results 05/10/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 6th Oct Sarah Bowman – Rodgers Longtown 23713
Sun 7th Mr D Gibson Carlisle 44
Mon 8th Mrs J Graigie Cummersdale 23728
Tues 9th Norman Potts Thursby 1168
Wed 10th Rachel Brown Carlisle 23174
Thurs 11th Mr L Hodgson Carlisle 22669
Fri 12th I Thomlinson Carlisle 229

£10.00 Prizes

James Capstick Kirkby Stephen 3321
Keith Abbot Carlisle 22056
Tim Evans Penrith 3458
Alex Benn Carlisle 828
Carlisle Utd Supporters London Branch 2497

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs L Lamb Carlisle 23518
Margaret Hunter Carlisle 23897
David Johnstone Carlisle 1334
John Minnican Silloth 1616
Miss S Anderson Eaglesfield 2037
Mrs J Reeves Carlisle 23250
Donna Jackson Kirkby Thore 810
John Brown Carlisle 3631
Mr M Rayson Longtown 2295
Mr K Graham Carlisle 2083


X9947 £425 prize not win. Next weeks prize £450