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Blues Lotto results 23/11/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 24th Nov Ruth Warnock Carlisle 3248
Sun 25th Don Robinson Appleby 1121
Mon 26th Wendy Armstrong Brampton 392
Tues 27th Mrs L Smith Whitehaven 2569
Wed 28th J Witherington Carlisle 2430
Thurs 29th Mr G Rae Carlisle 2209
Fri 30th Michael Barnes Scotby 22125

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs A Lee Cockermouth 3446
Mrs S Skelton Longtown 23168
Mr J Moscrop Brampton 5488
J Kernaghan Carlisle 636
Mr C Kirkwood Carlisle 23225

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs M Armstrong Carlisle 22627
Mr B W Smith Kirkbampton 73
Mr G Rae Carlisle 2209
Mr E Campbell Maryport 23536
Mr E MacFadzean Caldbeck 23781
Robbie Morris Cannonbie 38
Mrs S J Bowman Wigton 1059
Mrs S Roberts Whitehaven 2640
Yvonne Bowman Wigton 1046
Mr J Delacruz Carlisle 23981


R3202 Not won. Next weeks prize £600