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Blues Lotto results 02/11/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 3rd Nov Aimee Pearson Carlisle 294
Sun 4th John Kendall Lincolnshire 22345
Mon 5th W Humes Carlisle 679
Tues 6th Miss E Green Carlisle 23077
Wed 7th Mr N Carter Carlisle 22164
Thurs 8th Audrey Maddison Silloth 22322
Fri 9th John Hirst Carlisle 2536

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs A Woodburn Wigton 23411
Carol Carr Carlisle 265
Mrs M Gibbs Carlisle 417
Mrs S Bowman Kirkbride 1059
Mr J Graham Ecclefechan 1136

£5.00 Prizes

Betty Park Gretna 1257
Donna Roberts Cummersdale 1391
Mr B Plaskett Maryport 22715
Mrs B McCamish Carlisle 23941
Bryan Ballantyne Wigton 22480
Mr B Parkin Longtown 23312
Neil Harris Carlisle 993
Dennis Livingstone Carlisle 23501
Mr A Brown Ecclefechan 1151
Mr J McCormick Longtown 23516


T6527 Prize not won . Next weeks prize £550