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Blues Lotto results 23/03/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 24th Mar George Pape Carlisle 5701
Sun 25th Stephen Larkin Wigton 3973
Mon 26th Mrs H Atkinson Cummersdale 23720
Tues 27th Mike Evans Carlisle 23330
Wed 28th Mrs Clark Whitehaven 3299
Thurs 29th Mrs T Watson Carlisle 22408
Fri 30th Jude Murray Carlisle 3658

£10.00 Prizes

Richard Shipley Oxfordshire 87
Sarah Millard Seascale 3401
George Beck Carlisle 1026
Mrs C Swatts Carlisle 22091
Andrew Airlie Whitehaven 22432

£5.00 Prizes

Mr R Wood Brampton 5758
Mr T Parker Carlisle 22460
R Maniura Carlisle 4329
Jean Elliott Longtown 1863
Mrs Petrie Carlisle 283
J Long Scotby 2579
John Williamson Carlisle 16766
Mrs G Hamilton Carlisle 3102
Mary Cannon Appleby 4383
G D Crayston Bigrigg 1672


T2844 Not won Next weeks prize £425