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Blues Lotto results 29/06/2012

£1000 Bonus Draw

Mr D McKenzie Carlisle 23975

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 30th June Mr M Ridley Aspatria 23626
Sun 1st July Andrew Clark Carlisle 183
Mon 2nd July Emma Duke Carlisle 5055
Tues 3rd July Mrs J Telford Carlisle 5658
Wed 4th July Mrs S Bell Carlisle 22877
Thurs 5th July Mr D Smith Carlisle 22467
Fri 6th July Archibald Smith Gretna 2059

£10.00 Prizes

Jackie Ballantyne Houghton 3991
Christine Stalker Carlisle 2400
Mrs Zavaroni Carlisle 498
Bryan Irving Maryport 3313
Mrs J Telford Carlisle 5658

£5.00 Prizes

Katie Hodgson Carlisle 1740
Lee Kenny Wigton 22043
Mrs Routledge Carlisle 5635
Miss D Brown Carlisle 23193
Ritchie Bowman Wigton 1075
Alice Edmundson Carlisle 2818
Mr G Payne Carlisle 22462
Mr H Simpson Brampton 5807
Phil Gowling Roadhead 5506
Mr M Milburn Wigton 5620


O6856 Not won. Next weeks prize £775