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Blues Lotto results 22/06/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 23rd June Mr G McIntyre Carlisle 2303
Sun 24th Julie Bailey Carlisle 2658
Mon 25th Samantha McNeeny Carlisle 2055
Tues 26th K Somers Carlisle 23355
Wed 27th Kathleen Cragg Appleby 22978
Thurs 28th Peter McKie Carlisle 23616

£10.00 Prizes

Robert Dalziel Wigton 192
S Brain Carlisle 2742
Sheena Harrison Wigton 23786
Mrs McTaggart Carlisle 3159
John Notman Carlisle 22476

£5.00 Prizes

Kevin Kelleher Carlisle 22431
Noreen Allinson Wigton 1692
Paul Dobson Carlisle 559
Miss A Moscrop Carlisle 22936
Tommy Watson Carisle 948
Nigel Dickinson Carlisle 2840
Mr B Robinson Keswick 956
Mike Leighton Carlisle 22768
Rachel Brown Carlisle 23174
Mr W Davidson Carlisle 23515


R2781 Not won. Next weeks prize £750.