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Blues Lotto results 20/01/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 21st Mr P Davidson Carlisle 4454
Sun 22nd Peter Moore Silloth 1272
Mon 23rd Mrs B French Wigton 5006
Tues 24th Angela & Peter Main Carlisle 23995
Wed 25th W Allison Cummersdale 1393
Thurs 26th Miss L Atkinson Carlisle 23716
Fri 27th M Rigg Carlisle 693

£10.00 Prizes

Mr W Davidson Carlisle 23515
Martine Evans Carlisle 2253
Ben Dixon Brampton 5560
June Gribbon Carlisle 22260
Les Pratt Brampton 5499

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs S Little Carlisle 82
Miss Y Harvey Carlisle 4959
Allan Johnson Rockcliffe 22167
Bernard Hinsley Carlisle 5703
Michael Burns Scotby 22125
Geoff Council Carlisle 22490
Tom Wallace Carlisle 666
W Allison Cummersdale 1393
Mr D Thompson Carlisle 22841
Mrs K Clark Penrith 935


O2711 £750 Not Won. Next weeks prize £775.