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Blues Lotto results 06/01/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 7th Jan Mrs P Kidd Carlisle 23035
Sun 8th William Charlton Gretna 1171
Mon 9th Babs Owens Carlisle 2030
Tues 10th Mrs P Ruddick Carlisle 23482
Wed 11th Kenny Robinson Carlisle 1581
Thurs 12th Mrs J Reay Carlisle 22471
Fri 13th Maureen Dickinson Carlisle 1846

£10.00 Prizes

Mr M Henderson Carlisle 22780
John Lucock Carlisle 22215
Patricia Pattinson Carlisle 2915
Mrs R Jenkins Carlisle 90
Mrs Johnston Carlisle 3674

£5.00 Prizes

Harold Bowron Kirkandrews on Eden 22211
Mary Guy Carlisle 1254
Mrs Charlton Gretna 22219
Tracey Murray Gretna 2825
Dorothy Howson Kendal 1962
Neville Johnstone Scotby 23844
Mrs G Hardie Carlisle 23971
Michael Johnston Carlisle 1402
Philip Armstrong Westlinton 569
Louise Fawcett Carlisle 1503


U0864 Not won Next weeks prize £725