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Blues Lotto results 17/02/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 18th Feb Helen Ogden Windermere 1918
Sun 19th Mr M Lancaster Carlisle 22489
Mon 20th Mr K Graham Carlisle 2083
Tues 21st Mr I Maisden Carlisle 23338
Wed 22nd Alice Wilson Carlisle 3100
Thurs 23rd Mr I James Longtown 22982
Fri 24th Mr S Steele Longtown 23210

£10.00 Prizes

Amanda Steele Carlisle 1231
Mr M Emmerson Carlisle 1108
David Carr Carlisle 656
Linda Beck Carlisle 5144
R Pilbeam Carlisle 2845

£5.00 Prizes

Mr J Gilbertson Wigton 22341
Pam Todhunter Carlisle 23127
Betty McMinn Gretna 4601
Helen Kellett Gretna 2962
Campbell Carlisle 5891
Nicola Sugget Carlisle 2025
Mark Cowin Brough 1525
Emma Duke Carlisle 5055
Mr B Kelton Carlisle 23479
Stuart Clarkson Carlisle 4773


M2709 Not Won Next week £300