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Blues Lotto results 21/12/2012

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 29th Dec Mrs A Watson Maryport 23559
Sun 30th Andy Hall Carlisle 3381
Mon 31st Nancy Nattrass Carlisle 4161
Tues 1st Jan Mr L Titterington Hackthorpe 23257
Wed 2nd Mrs D Holdham Eastriggs 23883
Thurs 3rd Mr N Busby Silloth 23117
Fri 4th Mrs M Jackson Carlisle 5655

£10.00 Prizes

A Hoodless Silloth 1268
E N Marshall Silloth 22172
Philip Raffles Carlisle 22291
Mr N Irvine Carlisle 23285
K Bicknell Wigton 2007

£5.00 Prizes

Ann Hodgson Carlisle 3904
Michael Hill Wigton 22789
Mrs M Hope Longtown 22448
Colin Jaggard Carlisle 22367
R Maniura Carlisle 4329
Ian Taylor Carlisle 4019
Stewart Small Silloth 22379
Miss S McDougall Brampton 22335
Mrs S Tinkler Carlisle 23349
Mr I Martin Cleator Moor 23465


M1682 Not Won. Next weeks prize £750