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Blues Lotto results 30/09/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 1st Oct Mr T Fullarton Carlisle 103
Sun 2nd Jean Kirkby Penrith 4261
Mon 3rd Emma Louise Salt Little Orton 22870
Thurs 4th Brenda Kemp Houghton 2842
Wed 5th Maxine Forsyth Carlisle 5715
Thurs 6th Chris Lawrence York 22347
Fri 7th Mrs S Elliott Brampton 5479

£10.00 Prizes

Jimmy Currie Carlisle 22086
Julie Robinson Brough 4101
Harry Horne Kirkby Thore 3232
Susan McAvoy Wigton 22349
D Little Kirkby Thore 4096

£5.00 Prizes

George Graves Carlisle 22587
James Johnstone Scotby 2570
James Capstick Kirkby Stephen 3321
Mr A MacLeod Carlisle 23232
SBS (Cumbria) Ltd Carlisle 1655
Alistair Kirkpatrick North Yorkshire 22508
Mr A Waite Carlisle 22675
Mrs E McMinn Carlisle 1358
Mrs V Rees Houghton 1862
Mike Barry Carlisle 2333


T7779 Not won Next weeks prize £325