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Blues Lotto results 16/09/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 17th Sept Malcolm Clark Kirkbride 2369
Sun 18th H Beaty Cummersdale 1368
Mon 19th Mrs J Batey Brampton 5753
Tues 20th Carl Carlswell Carlisle 1003
Wed 21st Frank Armstrong Maryport 3389
Thurs 22nd Mike Barry Carlisle 2333
Fri 23rd William Bell Carlisle 210

£10.00 Prizes

Brian Bassett Little Corby 22026
Simon Dolman Carlisle 2870
Mr D Scott Carlisle 23651
Mr G Irving Maryport 3265
Betty McMinn Gretna 4601

£5.00 Prizes

Stephen Farrell Maryport 4254
Daniel Parkes Manchester 901
Mrs P Cartwright Carlisle 5667
Ian Mcewan Carlisle 22738
Mrs T Lowden Carlisle 5649
Judith James Penrith 22062
Paul Bowman Carlisle 2444
Robert Holmes Chorley 129
T Coan Whitehaven 22875
Darren Johnston Newcastle 3624


V7674 £250 Not Won. Next weeks prize £275