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Blues Lotto results 28/10/2011

£1,000.00 winner

Mrs M Mingins Carlisle 23529

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 29th Oct Mrs B Harding Carlisle 22099
Sun 30th S Watson Penrith 3849
Mon 31st Mr R Wadhams Brampton 5925
Tues 1st Nov Adele Tyers Carlisle 4926
Wed 2nd Joyce Teasdale Scotby 4152
Thurs 3rd Barbara King Carlisle 2552
Fri 4th Brett Page Carlisle 3643

£10.00 Prizes

Mr D Metcalfe Kirkby Stephen 1781
Mrs E Davies Carlisle 1691
Miss N Thurlow Thursby 5706
Albert Barlow Carlisle 1081
Mrs E Ogilvie Carlisle 23050

£5.00 Prizes

Graeme Harrison Carlisle 2886
Judith McKenzie Gretna 2999
M Jefferson Houghton 3062
Kim Bateman Carlisle 5781
Nigel Booth Merseyside 23008
Don Reay Eaglesfield 22274
Pat Steadman Brough 5625
Leanne Bell Carlisle 3798
Richard Wood Middlesex 22020
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 23334


T4996 Not Won Next weeks prize £475