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Blues Lotto results 11/11/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 12th Nov Mr D Moffat Corby Hill 336
Sun 13th Mr D Collins Carlisle 4751
Mon 14th Carl Stephenson Workington 22703
Tues 15th Mr Graham Carlisle 490
Wed 16th Dorothy Howson Kendal 1962
Thurs 17th Mrs J Morgan Carlisle 5638
Fri 18th Keith Adams Carlisle 4529

£10.00 Prizes

Miss D Holiday Wigton 23941
Sarah Landreth Carlisle 22519
Mrs E Gordon Brampton 1776
Mr J Cleator Carlisle 625
Mrs E Simpson Carlisle 5423

£5.00 Prizes

T McLean Carlisle 977
Alison Carter Carlisle 1508
Bruce Vander London SE6
Mrs P Moore Wigton 539
Robert Cowling Dalton In Furness 22426
John Smith Cockermouth 3419
Peter Reeves Silloth 1498
Alison Maleney Carlisle 376
Anne Small Silloth 1989
Paul Bowman Carlisle 2444


V6459 £500 not won. Next weeks prize £525.