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Blues Lotto results 24/06/2011

£1,000 bonus draw prize

Michael Davidson Great Corby 987

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 25th June Mrs D Johnston Carlisle 16571
Sun 26th W Allison Cummersdale 1393
Mon 27th Lee Reynolds Brampton 5567
Tues 28th Mrs C Bell Carlisle 23334
Wed 29th Wayne O’Neil Carlisle 22673
Thurs 30th Harraby Catholic Club Carlisle 22935
Fri 1st July Wayne O’Neil Carlisle 22673 (Won twice this week!)

£10.00 Prizes

Michael Hickson Dalston 31
Olly Ewbank Carlisle 1386
D Little Kirkby Thore 4096
Shirley Burnett Stonehaven 22251
Mr K Bagnall Carlisle 5788

£5.00 Prizes

Sharon Armstrong Carlisle 1999
Billy Martin Gretna 16671
Brian Carruthers Carlisle 3183
Raymond Edgar Carlisle 3189
Richard Stamp Whitehaven 1651
Mrs I Warnock Carlisle 22665
Graham Kelly Carlisle 1371
Mrs M Edgar Carlisle 22679
Nancy Moore Carlisle 2888
Alex McAllister Brough 4102


L0205 Not won. Next weeks prize £1125