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Blues Lotto results 03/06/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 4th June Rachel Brown Carlisle 23174
Sun 5th Mrs L Alexander Carlisle 3785
Mon 6th Kate Hetherington Carlisle 23886
Tues 7th Mrs A Martin Wigton 23082
Wed 8th Helen Wylie Carlisle 16497
Thurs 9th G King Cockermouth 3452
Fri 10th Mrs J McNeil Carlisle 23747

£10.00 Prizes

Mr S A Bowman 1204
Paul Herbert Carlisle 5878
Mr Clare Carlisle 2164
Ian Black Carlisle 1330
K Wilford Appleby 4370

£5.00 Prizes

Robert Prince Carlisle 2241
Declan Burton Carlisle 2896
Mrs A Long Carlisle 695
Mr R S Irving Carlisle 327
Simon Williams Stockton on Tees 2618
Mr M Goodman Longtown 22455
Mr J Nunn Carlisle 1439
Shirley Burnett Stonehaven 22251
E Mayer Kirkby Thore 25
Moira Smith Carlisle 5071


Rollover O5673 £1025 Not won. Next weeks prize £1050.