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Blues Lotto results 22/07/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 23rd July Margaret Dalglish Gretna 23926
Sun 24th George Bainbridge Caldbeck 617
Mon 25th Mrs M Gross Wigton 23080
Tues 26th Mike Bunn Anthorn 3169
Wed 27th David MacGregor Longtown 714
Thurs 28th Stephen Farrel Flimby 4254
Fri 29th Mark Sinclair Carlisle 1025

£10.00 Prizes

Alison Musgrave Carlisle 22128
Miss M Carney Carlisle 1969
Mrs J Ogilvie Carlisle 5232
Mr R Williamson Carlisle 23145
Ian Betts Beaumont 4450

£5.00 Prizes

Raymond Dunn Kirkby Stephen 957
Mike Shaw Silloth 1006
Mr M Milburn Wigton 5620
Chris Holmes Nottingham 2495
Kenneth Higgin Warwick on Eden 22189
Julia Dixon Carlisle 22759
Stephen Cowen Wigton 1065
Miss E Povall Carlisle 1964
Chris Lawrence York 22347
Mr Creighton Carlisle 2380


V0254 Not won. Next weeks prize £1225