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Blues Lotto results 08/07/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 9th July Julie Taylor Carlisle 1020
Sun 10th Mrs I Harrison Carlisle 4642
Mon 11th M Scott Carlisle 686
Tues 12th G Carver Carlisle 1758
Wed 13th Gladys Hunter Aspatria 1193
Thurs 14th J Crewe Penrith 4022
Fri 15th I Ramsey Silloth 1267

£10.00 Prizes

Anne Coulthard Nottingham 23006
D Crozier Carlisle 4670
Gary Parker Gretna 2306
Mrs E Davies Carlisle 1691
Mally Douglas Carlisle 22883

£5.00 Prizes

Mr H Batey Brampton 23107
Miss F Thompson Carlisle 23352
Dorothy Howson Kendal 1962
Mrs J Reynolds Brampton 5802
Mr W Hodgson Carlisle 603
Milne Carlisle 2108
J Pluthero Carlisle 3033
Mr R Harrison Carlisle 23155
Susan Rudd Wigton 920
Jim Wright Carlisle 22066


L8640 Not Won Next weeks prize £1175