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Blues Lotto results 01/07/2011

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 2nd July Paul Walker Penrith 4443
Sun 3rd July Stephen Coop Carlisle 22058
Mon 4th July Susan Alderson Appleby 4481
Tues 5th July Mr MacMillan Carlisle 1896
Wed 6th July Dan Hutton Workington 23933
Thurs 7th July Janice Hall Carlisle 3054
Fri 8th July June Maxfield Carlisle 7805

£10.00 Prizes

Gillian Johnstone Scotby 23841
Doreen Kenny Wigton 5304
Ian Bone Lincoln 22634
Tarn Simmons Carlisle 2832
Mrs B Tiffin Carlisle 22844

£5.00 Prizes

Mr C Kingston Carlisle 23769
Alex Laurie Eastriggs 2548
Mrs Ellis Carlisle 23300
Susan O’Neill Carlisle 2616
Paul Holmes Brough 2206
Stephen Bell Brampton 5949
Mr S Meldrun Carlisle 815
Arthur Brown Carlisle 7869
Laura McAvoy Wigton 22232


E4007 £1125 Prize not won. Next Week £1150