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Blues Lotto results 29/04/2011

£1,000 bonus winner

Irene Allan Flimby 4148

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 30th April Mrs M Collins Carlisle 4245
Sun 1st May Mike Leighton Carlisle 22768
Mon 2nd Joseph Smallwood Pica 22225
Tues 3rd Kevin Dixon Carlisle 22295
Wed 4th Wendy Davidson Carlisle 3686
Thurs 5th Mrs J Bacon Carlisle 23899
Fri 6th David Lowthian Carlisle 91

£10.00 Prizes

David Drinkald Carlisle 4622
Simon Clarkson Surrey 589
Mrs J Kidd Carlisle 23590
Gary Graham Carlisle 201
J Nixon Carlisle 22001

£5.00 Prizes

Gordon Crawford Wigton 4122
C & R Bird Appleby 1829
Julia Dixon Carlisle 22759
Maureen Todhunter Carlisle 5851
Mr G Richardson Carlisle 1420
Mrs W Barber Carlisle 657
D Elliott Appleby 1832
Adam Armstrong Kirkbride 22804
Elaine Smith Carlisle 2133
A Jeffrey Carlisle 678


L2274 £900 Not won. Next week £925