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Blues Lotto results 10/12/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 11th Dec Josie Richardson Appleby 4588
Sun 12th Mark Sloan Maryport 22417
Mon 13th John Rogers Penrith 493
Tues 14th Mr J Fisher Carlisle 23215
Wed 15th Mark Graham Lazonby 1513
Thurs 16th Mr C Pooley Cockermouth 22261
Fri 17th John Haworth Carlisle 41

£10.00 Prizes

William Douthwaite Carlisle 22577
Ann Landreth Carlisle 2859
Craig Drinkald Scotby 4581
Steve Cullen Carlisle 67
Tex Earsman Cannonbie 5790

£5.00 Prizes

Martin Cowin Brough 3748
Mr T Tiffin Carlisle 23536
Mrs Milburn Carlisle 2958
Mrs E Blaylock Penrith 4015
Barry Foster Carlisle 1210
Stephen O’Donohoe Carlisle 22088
H Hunter Carlisle 4775
Alan Hodgson Carlisle 5261
Mr G Hill Carlisle 16452
Bill Dawes Brampton 5559


L3453 £325 Not Won Next Weeks Prize £350