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Blues Lotto results 05/11/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 6th Nov Mr J Hayton Carlisle
Sun 7th D Osgood Carlisle
Mon 8th Steven Johnson Kendal
Tues 9th Naomi Lee Carlisle
Wed 10th A Winder Carlisle
Thurs 11th Billy Miller Brough
Fri 12th Paul Simpson Stockport

£10.00 Prizes

Jack Todd Cannonbie 5792
Mrs Toal Carlisle 3438
Mrs A Watson Rockliffe 5496
Noeline Rehmen Carlisle 2426
Alan Rayson Carlisle 1396

£5.00 Prizes

Lee Dixon Carlisle 1474
Mr A McKeen Brampton 5522
Jeff Bentley Shap 4800
Mr Stringfellow Carlisle 495
Mary Wharton Carlisle 1131
Andrew Newton Carlisle 5376
Ashley Sewell Carlisle 1299
Patrick Shannon Carlisle 3580
Lindsey Carney Carlisle 329
Norman Pitts Cockermouth 3602


I0349 Not Won . Next weeks prize £325

(Due to a technical issue no numbers are shown next to £100 winners this week)