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Blues Lotto results 15/10/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 16th Oct Mike Behan Carlisle 300
Sun 17th Mrs Maclennan Carlisle 395
Mon 18th Alan Hodgson Carlisle 5261
Tues 19th Duncan Watt Carlisle 22054
Wed 20th Mr G Rodgers Carlisle 23519
Thurs 21st Mr M Oswald Keswick 1457
Fri 22nd Jemma Lakin Carlisle 344

£10.00 Prizes

Alan Irwin Carlisle 22025
Robert Jenskins Carlisle 980
Mr R Bell Carlisle 22392
Mr R Waugh Corby Hill 5400
Alison Birkett Wigton 3912

£5.00 Prizes

Tarn Simmons Carlisle 2832
Miss M Naish Carlisle 22456
Mr J Blaylock Corby Hill 5360
Mr G W Henderson Blyth 1441
Beth Pearson Carlisle 762
Mr D Tolson Carlisle 22640
Miss L Rowland Corby Hill 23200
Andrew Slack Brampton 3229
Keith Adams Carlisle 4529
John Myron Annan 22593


Won by Kath Proudfoot lucky number D8147 Wins £1125
Next weeks prize £250