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Blues Lotto results 24/09/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 25th Sept Tony Bullock Wigton 1070
Sun 26th Joanne McAllister Brough 4103
Mon 27th Alex Anderson Carlisle 1385
Tues 28th Mr Storey Carlisle 2599
Wed 29th Pat Steadman Brough 5625
Thurs 30th Eric Rothery Worcestershire 2074
Fri 1st M Fearon Silloth 1611

£10.00 Prizes

John Thompson Penrith 4727
Martin Lancaster Carlisle 2254
E Currie Carlisle 510
Mrs N Johnston Carlisle 23351
N Raine Carlisle 1211

£5.00 Prizes

Paul Rudd Wigton 924
A Lambert Carlisle 2465
E Roberts Cleator Moor 3650
Brian Rigg Morton 694
Elaine Roberts Westlinton 2322
Stuart Woods Carlisle 5181
Paul Lace Cleator Moor 140
Edward Winder Carlisle 3522
David Mott Carlisle 570
Robert Jenskins Carlisle 980


M4282 Not won. Next weeks prize £1075