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Blues Lotto results 30/07/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 31st July Mr G Caine Carlisle 23161
Sun 1st Aug Peggy Watson Carlisle 4701
Mon 2nd Alison Musgrave Carlisle 2137
Tues 3rd Peter Rafferty Carlisle 3969
Wed 4th David Carter Gretna 5843
Thurs 5th Mr D Bloam Carlisle 16749
Fri 6th Miss T Collingwood Carlisle 22801

£10.00 Prizes

Margery Schwenke Carlisle 3149
Rachel Norman Penrith 3241
M Irving Carlisle 3886
Peter Beaumont Millom 2708
Kevin Alexander Carlisle 22927

£5.00 Prizes

Val Greenhow Gretna 1275
Lorraine Whitley Hull 23014
Joan Jefferson Carlisle 96
Jill Williamson Abbeytown 1627
Mr J McVittie Irthington 2235
Ian Henderson Brough 1098
Ethel Robson Carlisle 1422
Alison Birkett Wigton 3912
Barbara Johnston Carlisle 2624
Steven Pattison Carlisle 22365 (Prize kindly donated to Carlisle United)

Rollover draw

T7209 Not won. Next weeks prize £875