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Blues Lotto results 14/05/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 15th May Cath Charlton Carlisle 5364
Sun 16th Mrs M Muirhead Gretna 5356
Mon 17th Miss L Kerr Carlisle 16430
Tues 18th James McLinden Carlisle 2141
Wed 19th Peter Gorrod Essex 592
Thurs 20th George Shadwick Carlisle 1263
Fri 21st Brian Halford Carlisle 4136

£10.00 Prizes

T Bright Carlisle 3497
E Slee Dalston 530
Sheila Cain Brampton 3377
Nick Maltman Hawick 2432
John Wood Carlisle 3536

£5.00 Prizes

Martin McDowell Whitehaven 299
Julie Murphy Carlisle 4176
Margaret Davidson Kirkby Thore 450
John Hughes Bigrigg 3827
Jennifer Carruthers Carlisle 2872
David Dagnall Norwich 160
Simon (Nortech) Carlisle 758
Kevin Bell Carlisle 2875
David Spencer London N12 654
Mr J Little Houghton 3644

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