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Blues Lotto results 30/04/2010

£1000 Bi monthly bonus draw

Mrs J Sessford Carlisle 2918

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 1st May Barbara Mitchinson Carlisle 675
Sunday 2nd Mr K Somers Carlisle 4404
Mon 3rd Lee McAvenie Carlisle 1226
Tues 4th Mrs Milburn Carlisle 5115
Wed 5th Bill Carruthers Carlisle 2747
Thurs 6th Dave Bone Carlisle 1527
Fri 7th Dorothy Brown Carlisle 2277

£10.00 Prizes

Mr R Jessup Penrith 4202
Angela Jeffries Carlisle 3714
Dawn Thompson-Howard Carlisle 2188
Mr Maxwell Carlisle 2513
Mrs J Weston Workington 3468

£5.00 Prizes

Peter Goode Longtown 830
D Anderson Carlisle 2378
Mr K Mcgeorge Carlisle 2383
Mr B Craig Carlisle 4801
Mr Frank Armstrong Maryport 3389
Mrs Milne Carlisle 2108
George Little Carlisle 254
Nigel Sinclair Carlisle 1024
Tim Wordsworth Carlisle 5521
Joanne Youngson Carlisle 1647

Rollover Draw

I2091 Not Claimed- Next weeks prize £525