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Blues Lotto results 16/04/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 17th April M Jefferson Dalston 909
Sun 18th Mrs J Richardson Carlisle 5786
Mon 19th Iain McGuiness Carlisle 1197
Tues 20th Jean Lightfoot Appleby 3579
Wed 21st Mr D S Atkinson Seascale 1437
Thurs 22nd Molly Wilkinson Aspatria 5185
Fri 23rd E A Moore Ireby 3945

£10.00 Prizes

Christine Greaves Silloth 2092
Jean Edgar Carlisle 5323
Susan Park Carlisle 232
Mr Maxwell Carlisle 2513
Susan Taylorson Carlisle 4520

£5.00 Prizes

Turner Carlisle 5896
P S Ferguson Silloth 1624
Mr Murdoch Carlisle 4394
Millie Laidlow Appleby 4484
Mrs Toal Carlisle 3438
Steve Moore Penrith 4729
Alison Turner Wigton 2368
Mrs Graham Carlisle 3661
Donna Mahoney Carlisle 4233
Mrs C Tiffin Carlisle 3109

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