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Blues Lotto results 09/04/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 10th April Mr D Atkinson Seascale 1437
Sun 11th T Crosthwaite Abbeytown 1493
Mon 12th Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239
Tues 13th David Wright Houghton 3067
Wed 14th Mr J Irving Carlisle 4660
Thurs 15th Mrs K Tolson Carlisle 5710
Fri 16th Rhys Mandle Penrith 2341

£10.00 Prizes

Donna Mahoney Carlisle 4233
Kerry Cannon Carlisle 4360
Margaret Mellor Carlisle 5427
Michael Griffin Gretna Green 2481
Yvonne Campbell Carlisle 5064

£5.00 Prizes

Neil Caddle Morcambe 181
Mrs Ellis Carlisle 1050
Paul Walker Penrith 4443
William Coates Carlisle 1344
Ian Fleming Shap 4838
Mr F Story Carlisle 1031
P Watson Carlisle 2538
Mrs J Morrison Harrington 3704 (Won 2 prizes)
Andrea Tate Carlisle 3782

Rollover Draw

T7586 Not Claimed. Next weeks prize £475.00