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Blues Lotto results 19/03/2010

£100.00 Prizes

Sat 20th Mar Tony Bingley Cumwhinton 1415
Sun 21st Mr J Clarke Workington 3048
Mon 22nd Carol Hodgson Carlisle 2243
Tues 23rd Mr Pridmore Kirkby Thore 5856
Wed 24th Brian Hall Carlisle 5313
Thurs 25th Anne Sharron Wigton 3967
Fri 26th D Richardson Appleby 4770

£10.00 Prizes

Jennifer McGimpsey Easton 177
Mrs P E Berry Carlisle 2782
Irene Smith Cockermouth 3123
Ian Story Gretna 2140
Mr G Richardson Carlisle 1420

£5.00 Prizes

S Dargue Brough 3402
M Hodgson Carlisle 1159
Clive Richardson Appleby 4592
Mrs N Reay Abbeytown 1579
T Cherry Kirkby Thore 3233
Mr J McVittie Carlisle 2235
David Wright Houghton 3067
Tracey Tyson Carlisle 1567
B B Simpson Carlisle 912

Rollover Draw

G6382 £375.00 not won